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Time to Explode
I'm not going anywhere,
but I'll move like the breeze.
A chess player,
an aftermath's critique.
I'll never bask in my glory
or ride my defeats.
I just want to flow
like the fountains I seek.

It rids me of fear.
It makes my skin look like stone,
but bone for bone,
I'm just another one.

Harry Houdini
Avant-garde —
there's no easy way to cut it.
Everything hurts you in the end.
Terms and conditions, little superstitions.
Derive it: I'd wait to see your face in the end.
People with the strive for victory
can never afford untimely fates.
Yet a fate is your fate.

But eyes...that's the killer —
the gateway for feeling.
Never knowing an understanding
of the thoughts in their heads.

And like Houdini sometimes I too want to disappear.

But you never leave forever.
No one can leave without a concrete end.
Nothing's that easy in this place,
everything's just another door
to the same fucking rat race.

I want to die a free man.

I want to die a free man.

No burdens without lift.
No unevens unpaved.

I want to die a free man.
Kill the boy to reign the man.

The sun comes up, the moon takes its place.
These are the things that never change.

In the time between it's everything we've made —
complicating us beings.

"Everyone works for everyone else,
We can't do without anyone.
Even Epsilons are useful.
We couldn't do without Epsilons."

These hands used to be innocent,
now they give splinters to those they reach.
Hatred is a whirlwind that paves a dark path.

We weren't meant to walk a path laid out by a different man —
and everyone sees what it kills.

Everyone watches it while they're so welcoming to death
that they don't even say a word.

Everyone watches it.
They don't even say a word.
Now argue with me:
nothing's wrong with this world.

Misery's soft touch.
Not a sting on my skin.
For the last time,
I'm punching out.

This game has me won.
You could have,
I should have.
The streets don't look the same.
Let the setting sun.

O ire, the setting sun.

I'm not being a prisoner,
a messenger for war.
Captive but forever more captivating —
you can't fight fire with fire.

My body feels weak,
my feet are nimble.
Searching for a life,
I'm trying to keep simple.

A world so cruel,
a heart so lost.
A polluting mind
paying at all the costs.

Only know: no fire burns
where the birds fly over water.

All I need is the feeling...

I just want to be a normal person,
whatever the fuck that means.



from Karoshi, released December 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Spaewife Edmonton, Alberta

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